Common Luxury is a new media entertainment company based in Venice, California. Our work features audio & video production, extended reality experience , world building and digital influencer marketing. The flower of life symbol in our logo hints at a layer of reality that is deeper than the surface world. Today, our world is evolving into a
place where reality is fluid - whether it be physical, virtual or augmented. Common Luxury’s goal is to cultivate these extended reality experiences and integrate them with the performing arts. We believe that the future of tech and entertainment should embrace art and community. In this decade the definition of community expands into
the digital world but its core remains very human. Just like the bumble bee that pollinates the planet and makes life as we know it possible - focused people can spread ideas and nurture culture through art and technology. Join us as we help to define new media entertainment.
For more information please email us at info@thecommonluxury.com
Kindly direct inquiries regarding digital influencer marketing to mgmt@thecommonluxury.com


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VRARA - Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Assoc.


Debut Production: The World of Jubilee

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